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Question 1

You have endured childhood trauma which informs your current mission in life.

Question 2

Your powers and abilities are innate.

Question 3

You prefer to reason with your opponents first and only THEN rip into them with your energy beams.

Question 4

You're looking for a long-term relationship with someone other than your goofy, inept, vaguely asexual sidekick.

Question 5

You secretly wish you could just be a normal person with no powers, burden of responsibility, or secret identity.

Question 6

You work best on a team, league, or society.

Question 7

You like to have a detailed plan before storming the supervillain's fortress.

Question 8

You think criminals deserve help rather than punishment.

Question 9

You tend to overshare with those you're close to.

Question 10

You tend to wear a flamboyant outfit in public, have nice teeth and perfect hair even in the heat of battle, and enjoy witty repartee with your archnemesis right after listening to their monologue about how to take over the world.